What is the problem with MediaTek?

One thing that bothers me always is how people assume that something is good or bad before even trying it for themselves. MediaTek processors are no exception for that. The major aspect of Mediatek that differentiates it from its rivals is that it focuses on providing consumers with efficient as well as affordable products multiplying its accessibility to the masses. And this very reason, sometimes acts like a double edged sword, because most people with incomplete knowledge assume that anything which costs more is naturally better than an alternative that may be more cost effective. This preconceived notion of there being a problem with Mediatek just because it is more affordable than others is not fair. I think you should check all he facts and then make an informed decision.

It’s a well established fact that before buying phones, customers would look into the hardware and the processor powering the smartphone. In so many cases, at similar price points, Mediatek processors have outperformed rival chipsets. So many amazing smartphones have launched recently that are powered by Mediatek like Redmi 10 Prime, Vivo X70 Pro, Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and these are only in the 5G segment. Well-known brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo etc trust mediatek to power their devices so I think it is safe to say that the chipset is worth it and delivers. Also, one major issue why some people doubt the credibility and efficiency of mediatek processors is because, like I mentioned, they are more affordable.

I’m not trying to be a spokesperson for Mediatek or defend it. I’m only trying to make a fair and coherent point. Reports said that MediaTek overtook Qualcomm in Q3 2020, to become the biggest chipset supplier for smartphones. Now, there has to be some substance and meaning as to why more brands prefer Mediatek chipsets in their devices. If brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo etc. who are big enough and are willingly integrating Mediatek chipsets in their devices then I think it is safe to say that the processors do have something good to offer. I don’t think it is sensible to just assume that there is some ‘problem’ with a brand just because you haven’t used it.

Mediatek’s vast technological advancements has made it one of the biggest manufacturers of fabless chipsets in the industry. But it’s important to remember that nothing is all good or bad so we should trust figures before passing judgement. With so many new chipsets from Mediatek, especially the recent 6-nm Dimensity 810 SoC for mid-range phones, the game has changed. There isn’t any problem with Mediatek and assuming that will only make you miss out on affordable and efficient devices.

Mediatek is one of the fastest growing organisations in the world, with its chipsets powering over 1.5 billion devices throughout a year. The Helio series chipsets are chiefly used for 4G smartphones and the new Dimensity chipsets power the 5G smartphone. The Dimensity series is MediaTek’s most recent development in successfully bringing the 5G chips to the masses and coming a step closer in bridging the ever-expanding connectivity gap in the world.

Before the launch of Dimensity processors from Mediatek, especially the 700 and 800 series, it was hard to imagine that a 5G enabled smartphone could be priced below 30k but it was made possible. Yes, Mediatek powered smartphones are more affordable, but that is not at the cost of performance. So, people who only decide to buy or not buy a smartphone by fixating on the name of the integrated processor, should make sure they look up scores, benchmarks and other stats for making an informed choice and not just because they are biased.

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