What Are The Best Books To Read In 2023?

Ishaan Bakshi
3 min readNov 26, 2022

Reading books on a new year is almost a resolution that we don’t follow after a few pages. However, 2023 is a great year to take keep the promise of reading more books that you made to yourself. There are books across genres that would not require much of your time when it comes to reading. I am going to put out a list of books that will be super fun to read and give you a reason to nudge your new-found habit an extra nudge. Browse through the following to check out the books that you must definitely give a shot at in 2023.

1. The Master and Margarita:

The Master and Margarita is a Russian novel written by the soviet novelist Mikhail Bulgakov. In the book, he shows us a Russia that is usurped by some unwanted evil beings which include a talking cat. It’s an experience you should not miss out on. It’s dark and funny in equal measure. I would vehemently urge you to your read this in the coming year.

2. Crime and Punishment

This magnum opus novel by the great Fyodor Dostoevsky would take your heart out once you start reading it. This book revolves around a man who kills his landlady and goes through a phase of repentance and introspection. It’s again a Russian novel that shouldn’t be missed.

3. Namesake

Once you step out of Russian literature, marinate yourself with some Indian Diaspora and Namesake exemplifies the genre like none other. It’s a story about a family deconstructed into a man, a woman, and a child. This stirring novel by Jhumpa Lahiri is significant in more than one way. Once you are done with the book, make sure to watch the film adaptation with Tabu and Irrfan in it.

4. A Fine Balance

Okay! It’s a big book and might need some extra dedication but once you get into its world which is India there is no coming back from it. A Fine Balance is a magnum opus by Rohinton Mistry that peeps into the fabric of India. I read this book long ago and have learned about my country more than I’d learned in school. Yes, it’s that good.

5. 1984 By George Orwell

I am sure you must have heard about George Orwell’s 1984 somewhere and now it’s time to pick this mind-bending political thriller and devour every bit of it. It will send shivers down your spine and make you want to fall in love.

Final Thought

The aforementioned list is for someone who wants to start reading but didn’t know where to begin with. Hopefully, these books would entice you into the habit of reading.



Ishaan Bakshi

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