Two quick and healthy breakfast for when you’re in a hurry

A lot of people ask me if it’s alright to skip breakfast, I honestly don’t know what to tell them. I am no health expert and barely know enough to take care of myself so I can’t really advise on this. Moreover, I keep fluctuating between eating and skipping breakfast myself. What I can tell you however, is that if you are hungry then eat breakfast, and if you feel like you can do without it’s okay to skip. On weekdays, especially when we used to go out to work, skipping breakfast regularly could actually be a bit problematic as we usually need energy to last through lunch. But sometimes, time doesn’t permit us to make some elaborate meals. Here are two quick, easy and relatively healthy breakfast options you can try on days when you feel like skipping isn’t an option.

Fruit smoothie: This is the quickest and easiest breakfast you can go for when you are running late. Plus, it’s proper healthy. Just add in a bunch of seasonal fruits at your disposal in the blender, along with some skimmed milk, honey and/or spices and make a thick shake. You can even drink it on the go.

Eggs: If you are not a vegetarian you can easily whip up some fluffy scrambled eggs or a wholesome cheese omelette within minutes. Eggs are very filling and full of protein and honestly the best breakfast food to have.

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