Top 10 Foods to Lock Skin Moisture

We know that a healthy body depends very much on the foods we consume. Our whole functioning system relies on healthy eating. Skin health is not an exception. Your skin protects your body from external intruders like bacteria, oxidants, and UV light. Therefore, it is very important to take good care of it.

Taking a balanced diet backed with certain food items can prompt your skin to function. They can be helpful in keeping the skin rejuvenated and moisturized.

Winters require special skin care as they disturb hydration. Whether the chilling cold or dry hotness, both are problematic for the skin. However, creams and moisturizing lotions are available on the market but they have limitations. For a permanent solution, you need to opt, the natural methods like eating skin-friendly foods.

Continue reading to know the top 10 foods that help lock your skin moisture.

Top 10 foods for healthy skin:

To keep your skin healthy, you have to look after some of the important factors. Prevent excess water loss, stop harmful chemicals and allergens from affecting the body, maintain a healthy temperature of the body, and avoid nutrient deficiencies including — vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc, and selenium.

Including these nutrients through dietary sources and neutralizing the external threats to the skin, can help you prevent dry skin.

Following is the list of the top 10 foods that you need to include in your diet for better skin health.

1. Sweet potato: It is a great source of vitamin A which helps combat dry skin. Besides this, vitamin A is also essential for maintaining a good amount of iron in the blood. Each baked sweet potato with skin can fulfill 156% of the DV of vitamin A.

2. Kiwifruit: This amazing tangy fruit is known for its richness of vitamin C. one medium size kiwifruit gives 71% of DV of this nutrient. Since, a deficiency of vitamin C can create trouble for the skin, slow wound healing, iron deficiency, and joint pain, it is important to consume the optimum amount of this nutrient. In this regard, kiwifruit is a perfect choice.

3. Beef liver: For those who can consume non-vegetarian food also, beef liver is an excellent source of vitamin A. However, the amount of consumption may differ depending on the requirement of your body. But, regardless of this fact, the beef liver can certainly add joy to your skin.

4. Sweet red pepper: We have already seen that vitamin C is a crucial nutrient for skin health and other aspects of our overall health. In this alignment, sweet red pepper is a pertinent option. A half cup of raw sweet red pepper is capable of providing 106% of the vitamin C that your body regularly needs.

5. Eggs: Eggs contain the best quality proteins and also a significant amount of Sulphur and lutein. All these preserve the elasticity and moisture of the skin. Including eggs in your diet can be a great help.

6. Milk and yoghurt: Although, eggs are a good protein source a few people might not like eating them. For those ingesting milk and yoghurt can be a fabulous alternative. In addition, yoghurt is known for keeping the gut & skin healthy by ensuring a healthy digestive system.

7. Avocados: This green creamy fruit is an excellent source of healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and small amounts of some other essential fats. Avocados contain antioxidant properties too that help keep your skin healthy and lock the moisture.

8. Fatty fish: Omega-3 fats are crucial for the human body. Along with other health benefits, it also provides good care for the skin. Considering omega-3 fats, fatty fish like salmon are the best pick. Include three servings a week in your diet to gain the optimum amount of this nutrient.

9. Tomatoes: Many skin care products claim to have tomatoes in them for it is a great substance to make a face pack. Besides vitamin C, tomatoes also contain an antioxidant called Lycopene. It keeps the skin fresh and protects against ageing.

10. Green leafy vegetables: Winters in India do not only bring chilling cold but also a variety of foods. As far as green leafy vegetables are concerned, saag, methi, or cholai, all are easily available in the market. They can freshen up your skin and also provide other amazing health perks.

Although we have picked the top 10 foods for this article but, this list can go a little further too. Coconut oil, other citrus fruits, soy products, and some other dairy products can be your skin’s friends.

Eat fresh fruits and foods in their natural form, follow a balanced diet, avoid unnecessary supplements, and enjoy smooth-dream skin.



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