Stuff to watch while on a 30-minute break from work

At times when you are really not in the mood to commit to a long winded series or don’t have the time to watch a two hour plus movie in between breaks, sitcoms and some indie series come to the rescue. I’m speaking from experience when I say that Netflix has a lot of hidden gems in this category which you will find if you look for them properly. I have gotten into a habit where I need to watch something while I’m on a quick lunch break from work and often I had to settle on watching mindless YouTube videos which I didn’t particularly enjoy. Here are some stuff that you can watch on various OTTs while on a 30 to 40 minute break.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories- This one is a very beautiful hidden gem I found on one of my midnight scavenging when I couldn’t sleep. There are short episodes that happen around a quirky midnight diner in Tokyo and it’s just lovely. I have finished all of it but I still keep going back.

Schitt’s Creek- This one also I keep re-watching because why the hell not? Also, if you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek please do it now!

Fleabag- Although this one has really dark humour, it’s also one of the best shows to watch and you can easily binge on it for 30 minutes.

BoJack Horseman- Please see this!!




“I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot” — JD Salinger

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Ishaan Bakshi

Ishaan Bakshi

“I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot” — JD Salinger

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