Spencer: Can KStew pull it off?

So Spencer. A new movie about Princess Diana starring Kristen Stewart is going to be released soon. I saw the teaser where she only says two words and people were apparently blown away by her English accent. I mean, that’s a bit premature. I think Kristen Stewart has a lot of potential as an actor and people do misjudge her based on the vampire catastrophe that made her famous all over the world. I have seen her in other movies and I think she’s decent. So, yes, I am excited about this movie. The poster was breathtaking and I was seriously stunned seeing that. It is so simple but just so, so gorgeous!

The teaser looks interesting, that’s for sure. There is too much content on Princess Diana out there so the concept is really over done. It will all depend on Kristen Stewart and her performance now and what she brings to the movie. There are already too many brilliant portrayals of Princess Diana, especially in the ongoing series The Crown. And after seeing Emma Corrin literally nail the role, expectations are really high for KStew. Emma Corrin was just brilliant in season four of The Crown and yes I may be biased but she truly has set the standard quite high. I will watch Spencer that’s a given I just hope it’s not too disappointing.

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