New Redmi A1, An Interesting Launch by Xiaomi With the MediaTek A22

Ishaan Bakshi
3 min readSep 15, 2022

It is known that finding a good smartphone in the low-budget segment has become a challenging task. All brands have been producing devices that are loaded with high-end performing features that lead them to be a little on the costlier side. Now, it becomes problematic for those who do not want to spend unnecessary amounts on extra features.

A few people want a smartphone that can deliver all the regular tasks of the day, and sustains for a longer time. People who are running a small business or older people who only use the phone to watch YouTube videos and other simple stuff like forwarding information within the family. These users do not need a gaming processor or a giant AMOLED display. But every other phone contains all these features and becomes costly.

The new Redmi A1

In this case, people look for a low-budget smartphone. Now, the problem remains unsolved as the low-budget smartphones are compromised much on quality. But this time Redmi has come up with something interesting in this regard. Despite the festive season in India, which is the peak time for smartphone sales, the brand has launched an entry-level smartphone that checks right all the boxes that are discussed above. The new Redmi A1 was recently launched in the month of September 2022 and has been getting love from the concerned consumers.

Further in the blog, we will be discussing some pros and cons of this smartphone so that you can ultimately decide whether it deserves your attention or not.

The Good Part: The best thing about this smartphone is that it costs less than 7 thousand. The launch price of the Redmi A1 is just 6,499 rupees. Therefore, it is affordable for the very common man and woman. It comes with a 16.56 cm HD Plus scratch-resistant waterdrop screen display that allows you to enjoy good-quality videos. The display looks nice coupled with its leather back panel which is again scratch-resistant.

The Redmi A1 comes with a decent camera feature too. On the rear side, you are getting a dual AI camera setup with an 8MP primary lens. On the other side, it has a 5MP selfie camera. With this configuration, you can click good pictures, if not high-dimension images.

The brand has offered a massive 5000 mAh battery capacity. This battery backup is referred massive because it does not carry high-end features, leading to a longer sustainability of power. In addition, this device is powered by the MediaTek Helio A22 quad-core chipset. This processor is known for smooth functioning and in this price range, this is probably the best thing the brand could have incorporated.

In the end, the design of this phone should not go unnoticed. It has an eye-pleasing leather back panel that comes in three different colours. This 192 g gadget feels light and comfortable in the palm.

The Bad Part: The first demerit would be its RAM capacity which is just 2GB and the other is its internal storage which is 32GB. Nowadays, people love clicking pictures and shooting videos. It leads to the accumulation of photos and videos. Thus, the storage might get full and you would face trouble. However, an SD card slot has been given to expand the storage space.

In a nutshell, the new Redmi A1 is a decent smartphone in the low-budget segment. If you are not into gaming or heavy content-related things, you can give it a try.



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