MediaTek Helio G80: How good is it?

MediaTek has till now launched seven of its Helio Gseries chipsets that are specifically designed to deliver a fine gaming experience for the mid-ranger and budget smartphones. The MediaTek Helio Gseries chipset family has been making up a storm at the gaming market with its rapid sensing touchscreens and vibrant visuals, making for a rich and realistic gameplay in keeping with the brand’s price-reliability and adherence to great technology. The Taiwanese giant is known to make affordable technology for the masses while constantly upgrading and improving their products. In its Gseries chipsets, MediaTek has integrated their in-house gaming technology for one of the finest gaming experiences in budget smartphones.

MediaTek’s HyperEngine gaming technology boasts of providing eye-popping images and a lag-free run which makes the gaming experience smooth sailing. This technology is especially suited for tackling graphically challenging games like PUBG and Fortnite which can make even a very high-end device heat up fast. This is where MediaTek’s HyperEngime game technology delivers without taking a toll on the phone’s battery life and performance. The MediaTek HyperEngine technology uses artificial intelligence to consistently deliver a smooth gameplay experience while managing the phone’s resources. This technology is also the one major USP of MediaTek that makes it stand apart from the crowd with its smart game solutions on the Helio G70 and G80 making it more than capable of providing a very dependable gaming experience on budget smartphones, making us forget this used to be a dream some years back. The Helio G80 and G85 are very similar in their specifications. They both share the same DNA, and their size is the same at 12nm. They also possess similar CPU configuration with two ARM Cortex-A75 at 2.0GHz and six 1.8GHz A-55 Cortex.

The MediaTek Helio G80 SoC is a slightly more powerful version of the MediaTek Helio G70 SoC. The MediaTek G80 boasts of an octa-core SoC that powers its innovative in-house HyperEngine technology and strives to offer a better gaming output and connectivity experience. Until recently, the Helio G80 has powered the Redmi 9, Realme 6i and the Realme Narzo 10 smartphones.

The MediaTek Helio G80 SoC has a cluster of two Cortex-A75 cores clocked at 2GHz. This is followed by a cluster of six Cortex-A55 cores ticking at 1.8GHz which is there to handle other non-demanding operations. It offers support for up to 8GB LPDDR4X RAM operating at a frequency of 1800MHz, and eMMC5.1 storage standard. MediaTek’s Helio G80 is a 4G-only SoC and is equipped with the Mali-G52 2EEMC2 GPU for graphics crunching.

The MediaTek Helio G80 is an innovative chipset that offers world-class performance and power and makes your gaming hours the very best of your experiences.

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