Is MediaTek a good processor?

I know that a lot of people make a point to bash Mediatek every chance they get. It’s possible they may have had some unpleasant experiences with a processor but that shouldn’t be taken as the general opinion. I have used plenty of smartphones powered by Mediatek whether it is priced in budget range or mid-range and I have usually had no issues at all. Even friends and family I know have used phones with mediatek processors in them and most of them didn’t even know about it. This is going to be my opinion of course but since I’ve had first hand experience with mediatek processors, I’d say that yes, mediatek processors are good.

Mediatek powered smartphones are more affordable, but that is not at the cost of performance. It’s a well established fact that before buying phones, customers would look into the hardware and the processor powering the smartphone. In so many cases, at similar price points, Mediatek processors have outperformed rival chipsets. So, people who only decide to buy or not buy a smartphone by fixating on the name of the integrated processor, should make sure they look up scores, benchmarks and other stats for making an informed choice and not just because they are biased. Brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo etc. are big enough to not be stupid enough and integrate a chipset that is ‘bad’, right? Also, one major issue why some people doubt about the credibility and efficiency of mediatek processors is because, like I mentioned, they are more affordable.

The major aspect of Mediatek that differentiates it from its rivals is that it focuses on providing consumers with efficient as well as affordable products multiplying its accessibility to the masses. And this very reason, sometimes acts like a double edged sword, because most people with incomplete knowledge assume that anything which costs more is naturally better than an alternative that may be more cost effective. Users, mostly those who are brand loyalists for Qualcomm or other rival chipsets spread misinformation without even having used a mediatek powered smartphone.

Mediatek is one of the fastest growing organisations in the world, with its chipsets powering over 1.5 billion devices throughout a year. Various smartphones belonging to well-known brands are powered by MediaTek chips. These include- OPPO, Realme, Vivo, LG and many others. Now these are reputed and well established brands that are willingly using mediatek as their choice of processor to power devices they are manufacturing. So, in conclusion I’d say that mediatek processors are as good as any other chipset that you might swear by, sometimes it’s even better than them. A lot of factors depend on making a smartphone good or bad, and the integrated processor is only one of them. So if you’ve had a bad experience with a smartphone, it could be the fault of the processor as easily as it could be the fault of any number of things involved in the manufacturing process. Use it to see it for yourself.

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