Ideas for a meaningful going-away present

I have always been fond of giving thoughtful gifts to my friends and loved ones. But sometimes it can get a little daunting thinking of the perfect gift. It also depends on the occasion you are gifting for. Recently one of my friends moved to the States and I was really confused on what to give her as a going away present. She is fond of a lot of different things but when someone is moving, especially outside the country, I think you have to consider a lot of factors that may limit your freedom of choosing the perfect gift. Here are some tips to keep in mind while choosing a good gift for someone moving out of the country.

Portability and space- You are moving to another country. You have to have all the space you can get to pack up your entire life so it’s always better to gift something that wouldn’t take up lots of space and is easily portable.

Practicality- Choose practicality over sentiment. It’s always lovely to give someone a framed photograph or a friendship box but let’s be honest, it’s just another add on and it’s no use. Instead gift something practical which they can actually use.

Something they won’t find there- Give them something which won’t be easily available in the country they’re moving too so they don’t miss it and miss home too much

Be thoughtful- I know I said to be practical before, but if you could mix and match it will be the best of both worlds and will be really appreciated, trust me.



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