Funny books to escape inside right now

It’s a gloomy time all around so I’m here to suggest some light-hearted, happy(ish?) books. I know we all are going through a lot and saying the same things to each other every day just makes us all feel numb with uncertainty. It’s important to stay sane in these trying times and I do that by staying away from my mobile phone as much as I possibly can. Because being on the phone automatically will mean being on social media, which is the last place we should be on right now. So, I have turned to books. And here I go sharing my list of nice, feel-good books which may help take away a little bit of the pain away and allow you to escape in a less sinister setting.

A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle- I suggested this on my list of quarantine reads last year when the world had shut down for the first time. This one is a real laugh riot, filled with beautiful scenery and delicious food.

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay- The writer is a former doctor and this book is a compilation of his diary entries he kept while in service. I’m almost done with this and it’s really good. It’s sometimes laugh-out-loud funny and other times really sad. But it’s an important read right now when our healthcare workers are literal heroes, like they always are to be honest.

It Came From the Sky by Chelsea Sedoti- This one is a hilarious read about a science experiment gone wrong in a Pensylvannian town and how it was blamed on aliens. Best book to read right now.



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