Accessible 5G: MediaTek Dimensity 800

When MediaTek launched its Dimensity range of 5G processors, I thought they were all going to be flagship. And although the Dimensity 1000+ is the best example of the brand’s flagship 5G processors, the Dimensity 800 is still affordable considering all the 5G support and incredible features that it offers.

The Dimensity 800 comes with support for 2CC carrier aggregation which brings over 30% wider coverage than other platforms with 1CC and no carrier aggregation. The processor is also designed to support both SA and NSA sub-6Ghz networks, multi-mode support from 2G to 5G and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS). The Dimensity 800 can further also work for services like VoNR to deliver voice and data over 5G. The Dimensity series of 5G enabled chipsets have been making a lot of heads turn in the smartphone market with all the powerful specs it has to offer. The Dimensity 800 is designed on a 7nm chip and that makes it a highly efficient chipset that offers multi-core high performance. The chip is designed for leading 5G+5G Dual Sim Dual Standby (DSDS) technology. The Dimensity series has established MediaTek’s stronghold over the mid-range market now as the company continues to roll out more advanced chips regularly, all equipped to offer top-tier performances.

At the moment 5G processors are geared up to be introduced in the Indian market and some have already made their presence known. Brands like Qualcomm, MediaTek and HiSilicon are always fighting for market monopoly against each other. Till now MediaTek has launched several of its 5G enabled chipsets under the Dimensity series. The Dimensity 1000 being the first one in the series, was followed by the others subsequently like the Dimensity 800.

Now, in terms of CPU specifications, the Dimensity 800 comes with a set of four Cortex-A76 cores at 2 GHz, and four more power-efficient Cortex-A55 units, also reaching 2 GHz. The Dimensity 800 in terms of GPU features the ARM Mali-G57 MP4 GPU. The advanced HyperEngine 2.0 makes for a very compelling gaming experience with vivid colours and a seamless and lag-free interface. The Dimensity 800 is also embedded with AI capabilities and MediaTek’s APU provides an impressive AI computing performance, offering up to 50% better performance. The brand’s APU also comes with unique FP16 processing capabilities that provide the most precise AI-camera results, while INT16/8 support is highly energy efficient and supported widely in various types of AI photography and video enhancements. The Dimensity 800 is an incredible addition to the mid-range price segment and ensures wider accessibility of 5G features among consumers.