5 underrated gems from the debut record of The 1975

The 1975 has been a big part of my life for a long time now and I really love the band’s music. They have also become quite popular in recent years and I kind of miss their older music from their self-titled era. The new music they’re making is brilliant no doubt but there’s just something in their debut album songs and even their second record that I will always love more than their newer songs and albums. To give a brief introduction of the band, The 1975 are an English alternative band whose music literally transcends genres. They have everything from pop, to 80’s synth, to smooth jazzy ballads, to screamo-punk, and ambient music. This is what I love most about their music is that no matter what genre you like, there’s definitely a song for you. These are some of my absolute favourites from their old records which everyone should listen to!

Menswear- From their debut album. The intro to this tune is the best thing about it. Also the lyrics are basically about doing drugs at a wedding but you could never tell because there’s lots of Brit slang.

Facedown- This is one of my top three favourite songs from them. It’s from one of their initial EPs, before they debuted in 2013

Medicine- Another great one from their early days. The build up to the verse is just gorgeous and makes you feel like you’re floating above the city lights at night. Gorgeous tune!

HNSCC- This one again is from one of their EPs and it’s just distorted guitar and nothing else, no words but you can feel the pain and emotions behind it. There’s also the story of how this tune came about that really explains why it sounds the way it does.

Settle Down- This one’s a glitzy, playful number that you’d love to jump around in house parties. I love this one and I know I say that about all of them. But yeah.



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