3 Underrated Kalki Koechlin Films That You Should Watch RIGHT NOW!!

There are two types of people- one who think Kalki Koechlin is talented, and others who think she’s hot. I’m more on the former side while definitely not denying the latter. But she’s criminally underrated and I think it’s time we all start to appreciate her for the powerhouse actor that she is, instead of just focussing on her French gorgeousness. I have recently been watching a lot of indie, low-budget movies starring her and today I am going to recommend some of her amazing movies, which I think everyone should watch not only because of her performance but also because of the brilliant writings and stories.

Ribbon- This gem I found on Amazon while on one of my sleepless night scavenges. The movie is about a young married couple in Mumbai and their story and how they navigate the sour lemons that life throws at them. Sumeet Vyas (another criminally underrated actor) stars opposite Kalki as her husband. Watch this please!

Waiting- Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin meet at a hospital waiting room while their respective partners are undergoing treatment there. It’s on Amazon Prime as well. GO RIGHT NOW AND WATCH IT!!!

The Girl in Yellow Boots- Another one that she shares with Naseeruddin Shah. This one is directed by Anurag Kashyap and I’m not exaggerating but Kalki is the highlight of this movie.



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Ishaan Bakshi

Ishaan Bakshi


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